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The Prophet LifeStyle

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About The Prophet LifeStyle

The Prophet LifeStyle, is a LifeStyle Brand focused on sharing Unique Artistic Accessories With the World, we have two goals, which is; to bring LOVE, LIGHT & LAUGHTER to a World that desperately needs it, and we would like to do all of this while benefiting EMS & First Responders along the way. 

My name Is Hector Hinojosa, Ive been in EMS for over 12 years, including an EMT, Firefighter, Paramedic and Flight Paramedic. Im currently still working as a Paramedic 60 hours a week, and as you can imagine, I have certainly seen my share of life changing events that require incredible amounts of resilience and artistic skill to maintain the Mental Health of My family and I. After being in this industry for more than a decade, I finally concluded, I needed to do something that replaced and replenished the beautiful creative energy I inherently have in My heart and soul and If I could do that, while still accomplishing the same goals of My EMS work, which is to preserve and protect life, My Wife Beky and I would be accomplishing everything we started out to do by creating, “The Prophet LifeStyle.”  

Our intention is to first start by creating Artistic Cigar Accessories that are individually unique pieces of art. Eventually we will expand into other areas of our life that bless and increase our Mental Health, such as; Golf and Skateboarding. 

All our accessories are Hand made from start to finish, attention to Hand made detail is paramount. Every release will include apparel, to match within the artistic collection, such as; Shirts, Sweaters, Hats and collectible Hand Painted pieces throughout the year, with a specific intention to have each product vary in its artistic appeal so that each accessory will be a true unique piece of art. 

*** In addition to all this, Every purchase Will be donating 10% of the profits to an EMS and First Responders Foundation I'm Creating in 2021. Which will passionately advocate for better wages, working conditions, Mental Health Maintenance and Vacation Recovery benefits for these incredible pillars to our communities world wide.

Owner of The Prophet LifeStyle Hector R  HINOJOSA Cell: 1 (559) 313-6930Email:  Info@TheProphetLifeStyle.Com


Owner of The Prophet LifeStyle


Cell: 1 (559) 313-6930

Email:  Info@TheProphetLifeStyle.Com